How does your process work?

Weather its a $10 paper sign or your entire storefront Tynes Signs will work with you to create any sign or mural you need.  

Customer Request

  • Phone Call, E-Mail, Text, Voicemail, Online Web Form
    • We'll get a shop ticket started using this information when we hear from you. 
  • Follow Up Communication
    • We're probably going to need some more info and a few items to fully understand the sizes and scope of work requested.
      • Site Photos
      • Camera Ready Art / Vector File 
      • Elevation Drawing 
      • Brand Standards
        • Logos
        • Fonts
        • Graphics
        • etc.
      • Surface samples
      • Etc.


  • Informal
    • We'll first give you a price range of a few options that we recommend for each sign,  mural, or design package you request.  
    • We may provide just a price for a simple sign or sometimes may include sketches for and a entire price list for a large request.  The better information you can provide the better estimation we can provide to you. Good site photos help us the most followed by relevant artwork files and then approximate sizes.    
    • Sketches may be provided to the client to illustrate the possibilities in a more visual way.   We do not begin the revision process until a deposit is received for a formal estimate.
  • Formal
    • We'll provide you with a formal estimation via email or mail once you've selected your desired options from the informal estimate. 
    • The formal estimate is good for 30 days from the date provided.    
    • Call, text, or email us to invoice you whenever your ready to place your order. 
    • We require a 50% deposit and your signature to begin most work.   

Artwork & Scheduling

  • Once we've received your deposit we can begin our design process.  
    • Finalize Artwork
      • If you're providing the final artwork for your signs(s) we'll begin to unpack the files and will schedule your work for the next available opening 
        • Camera Ready Artwork or a Vector File is required for each final sign or mural design.  
        • If specifying size please ensure that all dimensions are correct and scale is specified on all drawings. 
        • Please provide color swatches w/ name and number if requiring matching colors.
        • We are happy to make a sizing recommendation if requested.  
        • Once the artwork is ready we can finalize plans for site work, pick-up  or delivery, and or professional installation . 
      • If you've asked us to provide our own artwork for your sign(s) or mural(s) we are proud to provide you with expert lettering styles as well as a catalogue of effective illustrations.
        • Choose from our standard Block, Script, or Casual styles at no extra cost.
        • Choose a unique pre-drawn illustration for a modest additional cost with no design fees.  
        • Next we'll create a balanced layout to fully utilize your selection of styles and or illustrations.  
        • A sketch will be provided for your approval before work begins.
        • Once you approve the sketch we we can schedule the job and make plans for site work, delivery or pick-up, and or professional installation.  
      • If you've purchased a design package we will schedule our first meeting as promptly as practical
        • The first step is for us to schedule a design meeting to select your specific design precedents. We'll ask you some more questions to get a good idea of what type of stuff you're looking for.  In the next scheduled meeting we will present several  design precedents that we would recommend for your specific designs.    
          • We have a robust of library of inherited and acquired art & sign reference materials.  
          •  We're happy to show you some gems from our collection, and deeply encourage you to please bring any design reference you think is applicable to your project. 
        • We need honest and thorough feedback to make the revision process as efficient as possible. 
          • We will present you with a concept based on your design precedent selections
          • Sketches for each design item will be produced for your review
        • 2 rough sketches per design are standard 
          • We'll ask you to select the sketch you like best to move forward in the process
          • Using your detailed and specific feedback, we'll develop your chosen  sketch into a refined sketch series.  
        • 2 refined sketches per design item are standard 
          • We'll ask you to  select a refined sketch to use as a template to be finalized for approval. 
        • Once you have approved the refined sketch we will create the vector artwork and deliver the digital files.  
          • We will deliver the design files in multiple industry standards for quick and easy reproduction once we recieve your final payment. 

Final Payment

  • Final payment is due upon completion of work.
  • Please make checks payable to Tynes Signs
  • Late fees will be added for delinquent payments
    • 15% penalty at 30 Days
    • 30% penalty at 60 Days 


How do you price your signs?

Our estimates are based on labor, materials, and timeframe.  We will also include travel if working on-site.  

Detail typically requires more time than size.   Single color letters with no effects are the fastest to paint.  Outlines take about the same time as the lettering, and drop shadows usually take about half the time.  A sign with an hour long paint time would take 2 hours with an outline and 1.5 hours with a drop shadow.

I want Tynes Signs to design our logo ... how does that work?

Fill out our estimate form and be sure to let us know you're interested in a design package.  

I would like to have my logo painted... what do you need from me?

If you have a digitized format of your artwork (vector file, .ai for example) scaled to the exact sign dimensions with the typography "outlined" this is ideal. But, we can also work from a detailed, scale drawing. If the sign is very large (for instance, wall lettering) then a 1:12 scale will be fine.

Can you work with a budget?

Absolutely. We prefer to work within a budget, especially if we are doing the designing.  So if you're looking to spend $150 versus $750 we can design accordingly.

What is required to schedule work?

A 50% deposit is required on all orders to schedule most work  

Can you match colors?

Yes.  Depending on project application we can match sample swatches by eye or work with you to choose the right color.   

What do you paint on?

Pretty much anything, to be quite honest.  For our signs we use either sign board or sheet metal if we are painting a panel, but we paint a lot of block, concrete, and metal surfaces as well.

I don't live in Birmingham... can you ship a sign?

Of course! We'll charge you a nominal shipping/boxing charge and have it shipped to you.

Where can I find Tynes Signs?

We are located in Downtown Birmingham, 1 block west of 1-65 on 1st Ave N.  Our address is 912 B 1st Ave N Birmingham, AL 35203

How long does it take to get a sign?

Roughly 3-4 weeks depending on our work flow...